Kam Habibi: God of Puerto Rico’s people

Kam Habibi: God of Puerto Rico’s people

Don’t’ you think that any one helping others during any crucial situation is the best people you will ever come across in your life? They are not doing it for money, but just for their satisfaction and your need. So, here I’m going to connect with such lone survivor and an inspiring soul who was the only survival source during disastrous Hurricane Maria. His name is Kam Habibi and by profession he is a certified Chiropractic Physician and is also associated with many medical institutions and has launched many private practices and medical facilities in his overall career till now.

Let me share you an incidence of this hurricane Maria. Once city Puerto Rico was totally destroyed with the effect of Hurricane Maria and individuals were struggling and extremely required help immediately. You will be shocked to know that half of the city was living without power.

Dr. Bahram Habibi couldn’t believe his eyes that what he is seeing. He was completely broke seeing people crying and no one is there to help them. So he decided to take steps and helped the victims of Rico in many ways. He started to give his services and assistance as soon as hurricane hit the city. He was moving complete equipped with all the equipment that was needed to help the victims along with his whole crew. Here is one fact, the death rate at Rico was less when compared with other natural disaster and this was just because of Kam Habibi.

Talking further, first know more about Dr. Kam Habibi. He launched his first ever medical practice in 1998 in Sunrise Florida. Later, he founded Deerfield Beach Medical Center and Deerfield Beach Outpatient in Sunrise Florida in 1998 again in Florida. You will be amazed to know that Habibi has offices in Florida and Atlanta, Georgia, Boca Raton, Orlando, Pompano Beach and Port St. Lucie. Along with a rescuer, he is a successful chiropractic Physician.

You must also know about his education background. First he went at Life Chiropractic University in 1992-1996, where he learn all the basic about Chiropractic study and after that he decided to study for Associates of Arts Degree from Edison Community College. Let me tell you more that he has even completed an extraordinary offer of scholastic coursework, acing a variety of Chiropractic and restorative subjects.

Dr. Kam Habibi has many achievements in his life apart from saving people. He is been affirmed by National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and has even gotten testament control under Anesthesia in 2008. He holds enlistments with various restorative affiliations, including Florida Chiropractic Association. He is even a delegate for Alabama Department of Health, Education, and Disability.

Kam Habibi

Coming back to his rescuer incident, he and his crew was the major reason behind many lives are still alive, because if he wouldn’t be there for them, then many would have died. Kam Habibi never lost his cool even after many worst conditions and continued helping people.

The saddest part of this incident was that few rescue officers were assigned duty to safe people. But then Bahram Kam Habibi and his crew were there for the people and that is why death rate was less than expected. He did not go to his home for couple of day and was on island in order to help people. He is considered as one of the major sources of rebuilding process. He even gave brief homes to the general population who lost all their belonging as well as their house. People of Rico are very thankful to Kam Habibi for his efforts and dedication. He was the major reason behind preventing huge casualties.

Kam Habibi is an amazing person to talk with and loves going out on party with his mofos. Books are his love and reads book of expert regarded to his field. Along with this, he is a good listener, observer, and a speaker too.



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