Dr. Bahram Habibi: A Lone rescuer of Hurricane Maria

Dr. Bahram Habibi: A Lone rescuer of Hurricane Maria

Doctors are seen as the messengers of God; for everyone, they are life savers, who can bring a sufferer to life with all his efforts. They are regarded as life-savers, who are on Earth to help people live.
Not every doctor is dedicated to helping people in their worst condition; some choose to keep low and others step up to help people even in most hazardous situations. One such personality is – Dr. Bahram Habibi.

Dr. kam Habibi
Puerto Rico is in devastated condition since hurricane Maria; the city is in urgent need of critical assistance as most of the city was deprived of electricity and the job to rebuild and restoring the power structure could take years.
Dr. Kam Habibi is a responsible doctor, who has helped the victims of hurricane Maria in numerous ways. He accompanied the victims on the island and aided them with the rescue effort when the hurricane hit. He immediately responded and was equipped with a crew that carried life-saving equipment with them.
The efforts made by Kam Habibi and his team were the reason for low death rates when compared to similar disasters. They rescued many people and took them to safe places; the effective help was required in massive numbers and the shortage of rescue officers was lessened by Habibi.
Bahram Habibi stayed around on the island, so that he knows what is going around, and could provide a long-term sustained relief effort. He didn’t leave the island after few days, instead stayed there to deal with the impact, and also helped in the rebuilding process.
Habibi is still active in the process; he has helped to provide the temporary accommodation to the people who are homeless and rendered inhabitable. His team has worked to set up special camps where the evacuees could reside safely. This process has helped many people who could have lost all hopes for the survival.
Bahram Kam Habibi has done everything, he could do to help the people; his efforts should be appreciated by everyone. His help in the long struggle has aided in this tragic natural disaster, and many people have appreciated his help. He has even installed a power generator, which was an extremely imperative approach to save people’s lives, who was dying of lack of oxygen due to power cuts in hospital. These people are now treated at these hospitals to alleviate the conditions caused by Maria.
Dr. Bahram Habibi is indeed an inspirational soul and a lifesaver for the victims of hurricane Maria.



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